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Magnesium (Mg), Serum Magnesium (Mg), Serum


Our Price:$31.00
Magnesium, RBC Magnesium, RBC


Our Price:$58.00
Malaria Antibody, IgG Malaria Antibody, IgG


Our Price:$199.00
Manganese, Blood Manganese, Blood


Our Price:$109.00
Manganese, Plasma Manganese, Plasma


Our Price:$229.00
Maternity T21 PLUS Core (chromosomes 21, 18, 13, and Sex Maternity T21 PLUS Core (chromosomes 21, 18, 13, and Sex

For pregnancies at increased risk of fetal abnormalities, this test delivers a comprehensive NIPT for the analysis of chromosomal regions including trisomies 21, 18, and 13, fetal sex.

Baby's gender determined as early as 7 weeks of gestation.

Our Price:$850.00
Mercury, Urine Mercury, Urine


Our Price:$94.00
Methylphenidate, Serum Methylphenidate, Serum


Our Price:$125.00
MMR Titers MMR Titers


Our Price:$78.00
Molybdenum, Blood Molybdenum, Blood


Our Price:$139.00
Molybdenum, RBC Molybdenum, RBC


Our Price:$145.00
Molybdenum, Serum/Plasma Molybdenum, Serum/Plasma


Our Price:$149.00
MSDS Exposure Panel MSDS Exposure Panel


Our Price:$99.00
Mumps Abs, IgG Mumps Abs, IgG


Our Price:$50.00
Myoglobin, Serum Myoglobin, Serum


Our Price:$99.00
Myoglobin, Urine Myoglobin, Urine


Our Price:$109.00