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C - Telopeptide (CTx) C - Telopeptide (CTx)


Our Price:$125.00
C Peptide, Serum C Peptide, Serum


Our Price:$58.00
C3, Serum C3, Serum


Our Price:$44.00
C4, Serum C4, Serum


Our Price:$44.00
C4a, Blood C4a, Blood


Our Price:$249.00
CA 125 CA 125


Our Price:$58.00
CA 15.3 CA 15.3


Our Price:$72.00
CA 19.9 (Serial Monitor) CA 19.9 (Serial Monitor)


Our Price:$159.00
CA 27.29 CA 27.29


Our Price:$68.00
Cadmium, Serum Cadmium, Serum


Our Price:$150.00
Cadmium, Urine Cadmium, Urine


Our Price:$99.00
Caffeine, Serum Caffeine, Serum


Our Price:$99.00
Calcitonin, Serum Calcitonin, Serum


Our Price:$169.00
Calcium and PTH Intact Calcium and PTH Intact


Our Price:$59.00
Calcium, 24 hr. Urine Calcium, 24 hr. Urine


Our Price:$35.00
Calcium, Ionized, Serum Calcium, Ionized, Serum


Our Price:$43.00
Calcium, Serum Calcium, Serum


Our Price:$34.00
Canavan Disease, DNA Canavan Disease, DNA


Our Price:$299.00
cANCA (PR-3) cANCA (PR-3)


Our Price:$99.00
Carbon Dioxide, Total Carbon Dioxide, Total


Our Price:$31.00
Carbon Monoxide, Blood Carbon Monoxide, Blood


Our Price:$79.00
Casein Allergy Casein Allergy


Our Price:$37.00


Our Price:$31.00
Celiac Disease Profile I Celiac Disease Profile I


Our Price:$169.00
Ceruloplasmin Ceruloplasmin


Our Price:$39.00
Change Order Fee Change Order Fee


Our Price:$5.00