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Our business model and pricing is based on a large-volume at the national level - along with keeping overhead to a minimum by not accepting any form of insurance.

We work with one of the largest national clinical labs, commonly used by physicians and hospitals across the country.
To benefit from our low pricing, simply place your order on our user-friendly website. After your order is approved by your credit card company, we email you a “Requisition Form” that has our national account number which is recognized by over 4,000 LABS. This “Form” will have our medical director’s name, the patient’s name and the ordered tests.

The “Requisition Form” is emailed to the ordering party within 30 minutes of an approved transaction. If you need it sooner, simply call 305.350.9812 and ask to be placed at the head of the line.

[Note: Orders placed after 10:00 PM will be processed the following morning.]

Take the "requisition form", along with the instructions provided in the body of the email, to your nearest lab. They will recognize our account number, and collect your specimen. There is no blood draw fee, service fee or facility fee.

The LAB will collect the specimens, run the tests and provide the results to us for distribution to the patients. Most results are available with 24-36 hours; however, some tests can take between one-two weeks. Each test on our menu provides info which includes turnaround time.

Your results will be sent to you and/or your healthcare provider as instructed on your “online” order form.
We respect your privacy and maintain strict confidentiality as mandated by HIPAA. No one receive your results unless you specifically direct us otherwise via email.