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Medical Reviewer for [STATE]

(Independent Contractor)

POSITION - “Reviewer” to oversee quality control for ordering and review of lab results in [STATE].

JOB DESCRIPTION: work at home as an independent "Reviewer" to oversee quality control for ordering and distribution lab test results in [STATE].


  • Current Medical license in [STATE]
  • Computer skills: Internet & emails
  • Must be fluent in English

REMUNERATION – $3.00 for each patient review, which can take you less than 15 seconds per patient


STAT Health Screens, LLC (DBA: (“Corporate”) is a Direct-to-Consumer broker for discount labs - catering to the uninsured and under-insured patients - since 2004.

We work with one the largest clinical labs, servicing physicians and hospitals nationwide. We are known for prompt, courteous and reliable service. We have access to over 4,000 Patient Service Centers across the nation.


To benefit from our low pricing, clients simply place their order on our user-friendly website. After their order is processed, we email them a “Requisition Form” which is accepted by over 4,000 LABS nationwide.

The “Requisition Form” is emailed to the ordering party within 30 minutes of an approved transaction. This “Form” will have our medical director’s name, our account number, the patient’s name and the ordered tests. The form is accompanies by instructions.

Clients simply present their "requisition form” to their nearest participating lab, that will recognize our account number, and collect their specimen, run the tests and provide the results to us for distribution to the patients. Results are then sent to the patient and/or their healthcare provider as instructed on their “online” order form.


  • Self-referred customers - looking for health screens, e.g., blood glucose, cholesterol, iron, U/A etc
  • Physician-referred customers - looking for specific lab tests, e.g., CMP-14, TSH, estradiol, DHEA, etc.


Results are sent electronically from the lab to our corporate office, with abnormal results already flagged.

All results sent to the “Reviewer” will have already been reviewed by the Medical Staff in Miami. The “Reviewer” will receive a daily report listing all the patients done in [STATE] - along with accompanying letters and other actions taken from corporate. The “Reviewer” will review to see that each customer was handled appropriately. In the event that the reviewer feels that the level of attention given to a customer needs to be escalated, he/she can request same via direct access to Corporate’s Chief Medical Officer.

RESULTS ARE CATEGORIZED into 4 levels of response. All results that are sent to the customer are accompanied by a corresponding letter of attention - based on their results. If they already have a personal physician, corporate sends them a hard copy of the results. If not, the customer is advised to consult a physician nearest them. In addition, results that require immediate attention are handled by our corporate medical staff of licensed physicians, who will call the customer to advise follow-up with their private physicians. Our Chief Medical Officer also makes certain that appropriate tests are reported in a timely manner to the customers’ local Health Department, e.g., Hep C, Hep B, HIV, elevated lead levels, etc.


For security and privacy issues, all labs sent to reviews are encrypted.

RECORDS In addition to electronic records, Corporate will keep a hard copy for all transactions for each customer.


For more information, please view our home page. If still interested, please email us your CV along with your contact information to We will contact you after review of said CV and verification of your medical License with the [STATE] Medical Board.