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Alabama, Birmingham I love your great service. Thank you for providing the partial results as they filter in. I will surely recommend you to my friends who want to run their own lab work. Have a great weekend. JJ

Alabama, Birmingham
Thanks.., you have very good customer service. CL

Alabama, Huntsville
Hi, I went today to LabCorp for the testing in the Huntington Beach, California location. I want to thank you for the quick reply and response. I'll look for the results tomorrow I assume via email/fax as indicated. Thanks, DA

Alaska, Anchorage
Thank you for your rapid response. Your website is the best thing I've discovered on the Internet, ever. SC

Arizona, Phoenix
Hello, I have been without medical insurance since 1998 and you guys are a godsend. Thank you all very much and especially Vanessa and Robin... Sincerely, PD

California, San Francisco
Thank you very much, you provide an excellent service, with excellent service. TL

Connecticut, Kensington
Hello, I was very happy with your service. I will recommend you. Best regards, MO

Delaware, Dover
Thank you so much for your speedy response. Appreciatively, JD

Florida, Aventura
I was very pleased with your service and have told many people about it; and, I will continue to do so in the future. Congratulations on a quality operation. Take care. TD

Florida, Coral Gables
I must say that this was one of the best internet purchase experiences I have ever had. Very quick responses. Very friendly assistance and fast turnover on results to my doctor. I really appreciate everything you guys have done and I hope your customer service remains as wonderful as it was for my experience. That kind of customer service is what gives you word-of-mouth business, and I will definitely keep you in mind the next time I'm talking to someone about this kind of thing. RLK

Florida, Hialeah
I truly enjoyed the whole process. WGM

Florida, Miami
We have a $5K it is like we do not have insurance except for a crisis. We’re very happy with your service. It saved us money. JM

Florida, Miami Beach
I would like to inform you that I was most impressed by your office. Your service was outstanding. Not only did your customer service representatives answer all my questions, but my test was scheduled and performed very quickly. I received a great service, at a great price. Needless to say, it was worth every penny I spent. I recommend EconoLABS to anyone in need of lab tests. SF

Florida, North Miami
Yes, I am happy with the prices and the service. I would like to confirm that these were faxed to my doctor. I requested this when I registered. Thank you. DL

Florida, South Miami
Thanks so much for a pleasant experience. PL

Florida, Weston
Thank you; very comprehensive and a sensible price too. EJS

Georgia, Atlanta
Thank you so much for your follow up on my lab results. Yes, I did recognize the flags as abnormal and have an appointment on Friday with my physician to further review. I want to share, this was my first time using EconoLABS; I am impressed with the service from beginning to end. Finally, a smart, affordable solution to those of us without health insurance but wanting to remain responsible to our well being. Thank You. SS

Georgia, Augusta
As a first time user, I must say you guys are professionals in providing this service. Thank you. SM

Georgia, Savannah
Dear staff, thanks so much, you are guys so helpful and super friendly. God bless you. TS

Idaho, Ketchum
Hello, I really appreciate the efficiency and professional way you do business. I am so thankful I found your services. I have told about 6 holistic doctors and practitioners in my area to refer their cash paying customers to econolabs. Your service is a true blessing. Thank you, CP

Kentucky, Lexington
Dear people: Thank you for taking care of this for me. It is a huge load off my mind and I am definitely recommending your service to all my friends. Again, thank you. Sincerely, DG

Louisiana, New Orleans
Thank you so much. Excellent prices. I appreciate your services. Please have a wonderful day. JLK

Maine, Oxford
Thank you so much for your swift efficiency. Your service is a true blessing. I’ve not had any income yet this year and I am not insured. I would not be able to afford full cost blood tests. You are an angel. Many blessings, CP

Maine, Portland
I have to tell you that we were extremely pleased with econolabs and the lab we were sent for the tests. The prices were fantastic and the service even better. We will recommend this to others and our doctor to pass on to people who do not have insurance. Thanks RL

Maryland, Baltimore
Hi, thank you so much for my quick TSH test result. SY

Minnesota, Bloomington
Thank you very much, I will definitely use your services again. This is so convenient and easy to order, and not having to wait long for a doctor’s prescription; also fair price. Thank you again. WL

Mississippi, Jackson
Thanks for processing my results so quickly. I will tell my friends and family about your fast and courteous service. Regards, GP

New Hampshire, Nashua
I just wanted to tell you how happy I am that I found econolabs. As I have no insurance and require blood work often I have saved half the cost using your services. Now I can afford to get my blood work done when the doctor wants me to, not when I can afford to. Your service was fast and very easy. My doctor’s office had never heard of econolabs. As I am friends with the office manger she will put the word out to all staff for their patients. Thank you so much. NP

New Mexico, Albuquerque
Just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help. I really appreciated it. MH

New Mexico, Taos
Thank you. I used your service last time for fasting insulin. It was so quick and easy, and the nurse was so quick and efficient, before I got to say 2 sentences spoken, she already swabbed the alcohol and poked my arm, and drew blood. Wow. SW

North Carolina, Thomasville
Dear econolabs, I had my blood drawn this morning. Thank you for providing this wonderful service. Regards, BGS

Oklahoma, Oklahoma City
From a family with no insurance and limited income, thank you for being there with an affordable way to get this done. I’d called a local medical office that is a non-profit, supposed to base your payment on your income, and was told my husband’s initial visit with labs would be 400 hundred — but not to worry, they could set us up on a payment plan. Ouch. After finding you online, I was able to get the lab work for 96 dollars, and found a physician with a private practice that will do the initial office visit for 150 dollars. That makes a world of difference for us right now. Thanks again. SJ

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
thanks. You guys are awesome. I am a very happy customer with your services and response time .DH

South Carolina, Charlotte
To whom it may concern, thanks for the stellar response. This is great, especially with the direction of the medical industry. Much respect, ERV

Tennessee, Knoxville
Thanks for the great service. CP

Tennessee, Memphis
Hello, I am more than satisfied, it beats paying a doctor's office visit, and end up paying hundreds of dollars for a written prescription by your doctor and get the test done. Thank you again. GH

Tennessee, Nashville
Hello, I appreciate your help in making it easy for me to just go there and have my test done with a low charge; that was very helpful, as I do not have Medical Insurance. Thanks again. AM

Tennessee, Nashville
Hi, this was my first time using your service. I have gone to your service in that recently, like so many Americans, I have lost my health insurance and cannot get affordable insurance in that my wife and I are both unemployed, again like many other Americans. I know that in business it is always good to have eyes out there rating the service. It was fairly easy to order the tests. I got results fast. Bottom line, I am extremely satisfied with your service. Thank you providing a very efficient service at very reasonable charges. Keep up the excellent work. RMK

Tennessee, Nashville
Thank you for such a good service. I have already passed on your information to family and friends. I will also mention it at the Dr's office. I will definitely use you again for any lab work. Sincerely, PW

Texas, Dallas
Thank you for your prompt and courteous service..., and the low prices. KTD

Texas, Houston
Wow. You guys are awesome. I’m going to be getting lot of these blood tests. Kind regards. LJ

Utah, Salt Lake City
Thank you for taking the time to call me and e-mail me the results...this is an excellent service that no other lab offers that I know of... I faxed this to my doctor last night and will hopefully get to the bottom of the problem and most likely will need more tests in the future..I will certainly order them via econolabs when necessary. Thanks. MC

Virginia, Fredericksburg
Thank you for a very swift response....SPL

Washington, Yakima
Thank you, he received them when I was in his office yesterday....perfect timing. Thanks for the excellent service. I will definitely use your services again, and have told others about your website. Thanks have a great day. TL

West Virginia, Huntington
Thanks for the quick service, blood was drawn today. Please email results ASAP, thanks again........... MH

Wyoming, Laramie
Message: thank you, thank you...... This was the easiest thing. I am so glad I found this site. I will definitely use it again for tests. I just can't tell you how happy I am to have avoided paying to see my doctor. I have not had insurance for 8 years and our income is very low. You have done a great service. I got the answers I needed. Email is the greatest thing since sliced bread... WT