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T3 Uptake T3 Uptake


Our Price:$47.18
T3, free T3, free


Our Price:$125.00
T3, Reverse T3, Reverse


Our Price:$115.00
T3, Total T3, Total


Our Price:$88.00
T4, Free (direct) T4, Free (direct)


Our Price:$65.00
T4, Thyroxin, Total T4, Thyroxin, Total


Our Price:$47.63
Tacrolimus, Blood Tacrolimus, Blood

Our Price:$335.00
Thyroid Panel Thyroid Panel

Our Price:$82.00
Thyroid Profile II Thyroid Profile II

Our Price:$130.00
Transferrin Transferrin


Our Price:$82.00
Trichomonas Test, Urine Trichomonas Test, Urine


Our Price:$325.00
Triglycerides Triglycerides

Our Price:$46.38
Troponin I Troponin I


Our Price:$189.00
Troponin T, Serum Troponin T, Serum


Our Price:$339.00
Tryptase Tryptase


Our Price:$250.00


Our Price:$79.00
TSH and T4, free TSH and T4, free

Our Price:$99.00