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IA2 Autoantibodies IA2 Autoantibodies

Our Price:$220.00
IBD Serology 7, Serum IBD Serology 7, Serum


Our Price:$179.00
IFE and PE, Random Urine IFE and PE, Random Urine


Our Price:$199.00
IgA, Qnt. Serum IgA, Qnt. Serum


Our Price:$51.00
IgE, Serum IgE, Serum


Our Price:$94.00
IGF-1 (frozen) IGF-1 (frozen)


Our Price:$99.00


Our Price:$135.00


Our Price:$139.00
IgG sub-class 4 (IgG4) IgG sub-class 4 (IgG4)


Our Price:$170.00
IgG, Qnt, Serum IgG, Qnt, Serum


Our Price:$38.00
IgM, Qnt. Serum IgM, Qnt. Serum


Our Price:$38.00
Immunofixation, Serum Immunofixation, Serum


Our Price:$149.00
Immunofixation, Urine Immunofixation, Urine


Our Price:$129.00
Influenza A/B Ab, Quant Influenza A/B Ab, Quant


Our Price:$129.00
Inhibin B Inhibin B


Our Price:$129.00
Insulin (4 Specimens) Insulin (4 Specimens)


Our Price:$69.00
Insulin (5 Specimens) Insulin (5 Specimens)


Our Price:$89.00
Insulin, Fasting Insulin, Fasting


Our Price:$45.00
Interleukin 10 Interleukin 10

Our Price:$164.00
Interleukin-6, Serum Interleukin-6, Serum


Our Price:$149.00
Iodine, Random Urine Iodine, Random Urine


Our Price:$109.00
Iodine, Serum or Plasma Iodine, Serum or Plasma


Our Price:$129.00
Iron, Serum Iron, Serum


Our Price:$34.00